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Temporary Nations is a union of States and Nations located across the world's continent. These States and Nations includes all territory, lands and islands that are currently unclaimed by any nearby government or Nations, and Temporary Nations claims to control the sovereignty of all the geographical area and territorial waters.

In recent years, a number of Temporary Nations' sovereignity including lands and islands has been proclaimed by individuals and were further declared as Kingdoms or New Nations on earth. These individuals have been invading our land, and plan to use them as their own luxury palace and private kingdom. Such proclaimation has violated Temporary Nations' territorial integrity and sovereignty, but will not lead to any further territorial dispute.

By putting a flag on to the ground of Temporary Nation's territorial does not mean that they have the rights to take other Nations' sovereignty. As such, for some of those territorial, there will be only one resloving solution:

1.) The individuals who have formerly declared themselves as a Nation or Kingdom, and proclaimed the land of Temporary Nations could join and become a member nation to the Temporary Nations, similar to the common wealth system or the EU. As a part of Temporary Nations, the member Nations will need to re-write their constitution.

For a list of the territorial and geographical location of Temporary Nations, please contact our Ministry of Land department:


The homeland of hope and peace

Temporary Nations is the homeland to all our citizens. We welcome people from all over the world to join our citizenship. Whether you are from North America, South America, European Continent, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, or other places in the world, Temporary Nations welcome everyone to join. SIGN UP NOW to become a citizen where you are a part of your Nation that you have funded yourself, and who takes your decision seriously, to help out millions of other Migrant citizens when other international government wouldn't.

One of the biggest advantage to join Temporary Nations as a citizen is that everything is tax free for our citizens in Temporary Nations. As our citizens, we should be helping each other, to give hope to others, and to build peace together!


Citizenships of Temporary Nations

In Temporary Nations, we welcome people from all ages and ethnicity to join us. Currently there are two forms of citizenships available:

1.) Senior Citizens and 2.) Migrant Citizens

Whereas Senior Citizens are to be considered as "non Refugee status" applicants, and can be applicants who come from any countries around the world that are not currently at war.

As for Migrant Citizens, the applicants are to be considered as "international Refugee status", or any person who cannot prove their previous nationality or identity. It can also be applicants who come from countries who are currently at war, or recently ceased fire.


Applications & Donations

Both citizenships are required to fill in an application to apply, and the application cost is free.

When applications are approved, your citizenship status will be granted.

For Senior Citizens, you are required to pay a $19 USD fee for your citizenship card, at the time when your application has been approved. All fees collected will be donated to Temporary Nations and to support our Migrant Citizens.

For Migrant Citizens, when your citizenship status are granted, there are no cost for your citizenship card. Everything is for free.

For more information, please visit Donations


Processing Time

The processing time for each citizenship application will depend on the type of citizenships you have applied, either Senior Citizen or Migrant Citizen, as well as each individual's cirrcumstances. In some special situation, the process time can be quicker than standard procedures.

To apply for citizenship, SIGN UP NOW or for more information, please contact our Ambassador at Ministry of Citizenship:



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