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Donations to Temporary Nations

Temporary Nations is currently under preperation stages and is organized by its Temporary Government. There are many assignments and tasks that needs to be completed on its upcomg agenda, and we are excited to build our nations together with you. One of our greatest goal to manage donations from contributions and sponsorships is to develop a modern highly transparent reporting system, so that as a citizen to Temporary Nations, in the future you will have access to all the Temporary Nations' government reports about the development of our nations.

When you give your donations to Temporary Nations, we will ensure every single penny that you have contirbuted will be spent wisely and cost effectively on the development of Temporary Nations, as well as for the support to our Migrant Citizens.

Temporary Nations welcome all donations from around the world, and accept donations from all doners worldwide, including private individuals, businesses, groups, and families. In addition we also receives sponsorship from other international Philantraphists, NGOs, non-profit organizations, charity organizations, humanitarin agencies, government bodies, to support and donate to our government. Whether it is to join to obtain the Citizenship, or to donate supplies and resources for our infrastructure development, Temporary Nations is always glad to hear from you.


Fraud Awareness

Currently we do not accept any cash donations or electronic transfers, except other than the donation to apply and obtain your Senior citizenship only. If you are to be asked by any of our volunteers or Ambassadors from anywhere around the world to donate cash or to send out electronic transfer payment, please contact us to report for fraud awareness immedietaly. You are advised to contact your local law enforcement agency, and should also check and confirm the identity of the volunteer or Ambassador with Temporary Nations before making any donations or sponsorships to ensure they are one of our Ambassadors or official members of the government.

Before you are to make any application to become our Senior CItizenship, please also ensure that you are only applying the citizenship and communicating through our official website, which is

In the future, Temporary Nations will also establish foregin embassies throughout different regions and locations around the world. Such establishment will only take place after approval from the foregin ministry and government bodies of those countries. When an embassy has been established successfuly abroad, you are always welcome to apply for Senior citizenship at the embassy in person.

To report a fraud or to confirm identity of our Ambassador and member of government, or for all other related information, please contact:


Donations to become Senior Citizen of Temporary Nations

When you apply for the Senior citizenship, there are no cost or expense for your pre-application process. Everything is free during the pre-application process. You will be given a personal tracking id and password regarding to the status of your citizenship application, and when your citizenship has been approved, you will be able to gain access to a personal citizenship card, with an identification number provided by Temporary Nations that is stored in the government citizenship database system, and for the prove of your Senior citizenship status. Please be aware that all your citizenship data will be strictly confidential and to be protect by Temporary Nations.

All payments of Senior citizenship application will only occur once your Senior citizenship status has been approved. You are required to make a donation for a minimum of $19 United States Dollar or equal amount in other international currencies. All donations will be used to support the development of the infrastructure of Tempoorary Nations and for our Migrant citizens.

Please remember this donation can be completed only after your Senior Citizenship status has been approved, and it is 100% tax free.

In exchange of your donation you will be issued with a Senior citizenship card, you will also have the opportunity to apply to become one of our Ambassadors, only if you wish to provide further support or to explore a senior government role in Temporary Nations. For Ambassadors, you will also have an opportunity to be promoted as a senior member of the executive branch, as well as officials of the Ministrial departments of the government, to participate in Temporary Nations' government and adminsitrative activties.

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Land Donations & Sponsorship

One of the greatest donations to Temporary Nations will be land donations. As land resources will be one of the most valuable and important resource for Temporary Nations to resettle its Migrant citizens, Temporary Nations welcome all land donations from donors around the world.

For international government, Temporary Nations also accept donations of lands to be use free of charge with a negotiable land use leasing agreement under 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 years term. At the maturity of the agreement, Temporary Nations will return the the land to your government.

For further information about land donations and sponsorships, please contact our Ministry of Land and Development Department:



Infrastructure Development Donations & Sponsorship

Another greatest donations to Temporary Nations will be donations for infrastructure development.

For donations to support the development of our infrastructure network, Temporary Nations weclome all contributions from around the world, including vendors, suppliers, manufactures, builders, funders, private individuals, families, and corporate donations, etc.

For international government, Temporary Nations also accept donations of various equipments and resources provided. We are also looking forward to join hands with your government to together develop the infrasturcture network of Temporary Nations.

For more information please contact:



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