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The Importance of Infrastructure Development

One of the most challenging task ahead for Temporary Nations is to develop and construct a systematic infrastructure network, and the backbone to support the development of a sustaniable living enviornment. It is to say that the aftermath of the Iraq war had cost more than $60 billion of United States Dollar. The demolishing damage to its cities and the repair cost for reconstruction have cost a fortune for governments. So why are they doing it? Is it because of oil and natural resources? Unfortunaely in Temporary Nations, we have not yet discover any natural resources within our territorial districts. But one thing for sure is that the cost to turn a raw land into a sustainable living enviornment isn't that expensive when compare to the aftermath of war such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and vice versa.

By building the infrastructure network of Temporary Nations, it will save millions of lives because most of the refugees do not have places to live during their migration process, and many of them have no places to go or stay, they are also in hunger and illness, which noone is helping them. Accoriding to United Nations, the humanitarian community requested $2.1 billion United States Dollar to meet Yemen's most urgent needs. But by mid-April 2017, barely 15 percent of this appeal had been funded. Since the conflict in 2015, an estimated 18.8 million people in Yemen need some form of Humanitarian assistance or protection. An average of close to $10 USD per person for 2 years will not reslove the Chaos, even $100 USD per person for 2 years will not make much differences. During the 1990 airlift of Indians from Kuwait, Air India alone were able to evacuate more than 175,000 people by civil airliners in less than 50 days, but for the locals, many often have no place to stay.

Given the above facts, the world needs to urgently develop a safe zone for those who are unable to return to their homeland. The safe zones can be in between borders to borders, or it can be an island like Phuket in Thailand for example. A small isalnd similar to Phuket has the capacity and can host 380,000 residents.

Hong Kong, China, another small city alone can hold 7 million population. It isn't difficult to turn around an island into an emergency shelter or a sustainnable living enviormnment, and in some cases, a new economy and tourist destination can also be born. This is why we must urgently develop Temporary Nations, to facilitate and develop a systematic infrastructure network, to provide aid and support to the people .


Roads & Runways

In Temporary Nations, the construction and development of rural roads will be extremly important for the transportation of our citizens and logistic supplies. In some areas, it will be also neccessary to construct runways for small flights and emergency landing purposes.Temporary Nations will collabrate with international private contractors, construction companies, and suppliers of rural road materials and manufactures.


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