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Welcome to Temporary Nations, we are excited to work with all of you around the world to help out tens of millions of our people who are in need of emergency support and humanitarian aid. Each year there are millions of innocent civilians who have lost their homes because of wars and other political conflicts in our planet. They are homless, lack of sufficent dialy supplies, food, and water for survival. Many of them are suffered from serious illness, and have received no care nor help from their government. They have nowhere to go, feeling hopeless, and have no plans for their future. Many of them are young children, single mother, and seniors who have lost their families from war. They are forced to become international refugees, and have taken the risks of their lives travelling for months crossing borders and seas, hoping to be able to resettle in another nation, as well as wishing to be loved by the people in our world again. Relentlessly, they are often being settled in camps and prisons for years, and have lost their freedom and fundamental rights as a human being. It has been extremely sad of the fact that not one organization or government in the world are able to assist these people who are in crisis due to the lack of resources and insufficent fundings. Based on the given situation, we must now join hands to build and develop Temporary Nations, so that the people can be supported from us, to be loved and cared by all of you again.

Thank you!


"When you are hurt, you should give love to other people to heal!"



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